About Us!


In my travels, I have been offered many things, but the opportunity to run my own business has never come my way. This changed for me in 2006.

My name is Terry Bartlett and I am based in Dunedin, which is in the bottom half of the South Island of New Zealand and is the best part of the country. New Zealand has been my home all my life but I have travelled extensively and met some wonderful people throughout. While visiting in Auckland I came across a device that with some careful planning and organisation would help me begin something very exciting.

You may be thinking to yourself "What is this that we are talking about ?"

We are talking about Aesop and the creator of this device Mr Ivan Pivac. Ivan and his team have worked hard to produce a very effective, small compact device which teaches keyboard touch typing and has assisted me to start self-employment! The results I have had using this device to teach keyboard skills have been amazing, as this is a skill that we all can really benefit from. My students have given me feedback saying that it has made them look at things from a whole different perspective.

My clients to date have said that the experience was one of fulfilment, development of a new skill, and of building self esteem. They have said that they did not think that they could achieve learning this new skill without my classes. My message to them is that "I am not here for you to fail, but to see you succeed in what you are learning, and together we will achieve this without hassle." This approach has worked very very well for me and I plan to expand further. So far I have only been working around my local area.

Ivan Pivac, who is blind himself and is one of the founders of Awhina Technologies Ltd. who manufacture Aesop, has been supporting me right throughout and together we have been tweaking things to make them successful.

For those of us that are totally blind, Aesop fits in your hand, it can take rechargeable batteries, and it also has main power supply connectivity. Each letter that you type on an attached keyboard is announced clearly through the built in speaker and Control keys, Function keys etc. are also announced. This has given me the opportunity to fully explain all aspects of keyboard use, not only standard alphanumeric typing but also in terms of computing.

My students have been amazed and have referred other people to me. This has allowed me to grow my company and bring Aesop out into the community. A registered Educational Psychologist has taken lessons and was very impressed with the results not only of my teaching but also of how quickly a keyboard non-user can get up to speed.

Creating your own business is quite scary but also very very exciting. I would like to encourage those of you who feel you are not achieving as much as you would like to, to contact me. I would love to assist you in beginning something that will be highly fulfilling - and you just do not know where it will lead!

Visit these two websites : www.awhinatech.co.nz and www.zabonne.com (the Australasian distributor) or just E-mail me and I will respond accordingly.